The Grapevine

Efficiency in Your Wine Shop Marketing

August 5th, 2015

One of the biggest complaints we here from our customers is that they don’t have time to do the marketing they want to do. There’s no question we’re all pressed for time, but part of the problem can be solved by being more efficient and thoughtful in creating the process  you using in your marketing. [level-members]

First, don’t reinvent the wheel. For example, if your email marketing list is small you may decide to save the $15 a month that Mailchimp would cost and send emails from your desktop. That $15 is worth it on many levels – better deliverability, option to write now and send later – but it’s the templates that matter most. You can create a template and simply populate it each week with new content. You might make template adjustments over the first few months as you nail down the perfect mix of content, but after that, production of your newsletter should be a very simple process.

Second, plan ahead. I mentioned above the ability to write emails now and send them later. There are similar tools for doing this for your Website (already built in if you’re a Grapeseed Marketing website client) and social media. (Hootsuite and Buffer are great tools.) Rather than having to summons the muse every day to keep a steady stream of content going, you can gather great ideas all week and knock out a handful of posts and updates and items all at once. Much less pressure, much better results.

Finally, systematize so that you make it even more automatic. The publishing schedule we stick to – different topics for each day of the week is great on two levels: our audience knows what to expect, and we know what we have to produce. Again, much less stress, much better results.