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Legalized Marijuana’s Impact on Alcohol Sales

August 31st, 2015

Has legalized marijuana had an impact on alcohol sales? [level-members]

Not according to a recent article by the Denver correspondent from The Guardian.

In fact, one store owner in Colorado, where marijuana has been legal for about 18 months, reports that sales growth has been “phenomenal.” (He also quipped that “a high tide lifts all boats.” Nicely done.)

Others feel that there can be a symbiotic relationship between the two industries, which makes sense to me at least anecdotally. I know many folks who only smoke cigarettes when they’re drinking, so perhaps there’s a similar corollary for alcohol and marijuana consumption.

Read the full article here. It includes links to a few interesting side notes, including alcohol trade groups backing propositions fighting marijuana legalization and at least one study that concludes there really is something to worry about for the alcohol industry. [/level-members]