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Growth in the US Wine Industry, Growth in Ohio, What if Bordeaux Wasn’t Bordeaux Anymore?

November 30th, 2015

This week’s news includes growth of the US wine market, growth of the adult beverage industry in Ohio, and how the wine industry is adapting to climate change. [level-members]

US Wine Market Growth
About 40% of adults in the US drink wine on a regular basis. Over the next 10 years, that number is set to grow, both in real terms and as a percentage. Much of the growth will come as “Next Generation” consumers come to love wine. You can read more about this trend on the Decanter website.

Growth in Ohio
In Ohio, state officials credit a welcoming regulatory environment and the overall market popularity for craft beer and small-batch spirits for on-going growth in production of adult beverages across the state. Wine represents the lion’s share of the growth, with craft beer brewers and distillers following. Read the full article here.

What if Bordeaux Wasn’t Bordeaux Anymore?
Certainly terroir is a big part of the world’s great wine regions, but location isn’t just about terroir. How will that change as wineries adapt to climate change. Options may put many of them in a catch-22. Read the full article here.