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Shipping Wines Across State Lines

January 26th, 2016

We probably don’t need to tell you about the complexity of shipping wine across state lines, but a reminder never hurts, and you may want to alert your customers to that complexity. [level-members]

As the fine folks at NerdWallet point out in their article, laws regulating wine and other alcoholic beverages vary tremendously from state to state.

Staying on top of them all is hard. An entire industry has been built around this issue, with companies like ShipCompliant offering services to wineries and other wine businesses.

Clearly, caution is the watchword here and you should be sure to limit your liability at every turn. You may elect not to ship to prohibited destinations. Or you may elect to do so only for your best customers. Either way, consult a lawyer with knowledge in this area before you do anything that might jeopardize your license or your bank account.