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June 2nd, 2016

What’s better than finding loose change in your couch cushions? Finding wine under your floorboards. Also, sail the seas and stomp some grapes. [level-members]

Before any of that, let’s talk Randall Grahm. I’ve been a fan almost as long as I’ve been a wine drinker. His work breeding 10,000 new grape varieties is just so crazy, it might work. And completely in line with his long history of unorthodox thinking. This Food & Wine article lays out his some of thinking in broad strokes. Plenty more coverage out there if you’re so inclined. (Or give us a shout and we’ll send you some of our favorite links.)

Sail the Seas, Stomp Some Grapes
Well, not exactly. But Holland America has instituted a new program allowing cruise ship passengers to blend, bottle, and label their own wines while on board. Gimmicky, of course, and I’d expect many of the blends to better as sideboard decorations than dinner-time accompaniments … Read the TravelPulse article here.

Drink Your Wine and Have it To
Not only is it cool to find 100 bottles of vintage wine under the floor boards of your castle – to say nothing of having a castle in the first place – but it’s also cool that some of those wines could be sampled without actually uncorking them.

I’m sure Coravin is making hay of this, as well they should. It’s pretty neat. Read the full article here on the Independent website.