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Wine Stories Worth Sharing With Your Wine Shop Customers

July 14th, 2016

So hip it hurts – still. Regular, non-hipster variety sommeliers. Sipping and Cyclling. And Oxidative wines. [level-members]

A surprise third installment in the Grape Collective series on “The Rise of the Hipster Somm” leads things off this week. Is their intrepid author mean? Or is he calling out ridiculousness when he sees it. Either way, it’s been a pretty entertaining series for us as bystanders. Read the full article here.

But what of those poor, under-represented somme without “curated” facial hair? We get to sneak “Inside the Mind of a Sommelier” in this Wine Industry Advisor article.

As an avid cyclist I couldn’t resist the Wall Street Journal’s take cycling tours of Napa Valley. Given the general disregard most motorists in the U.S. have for anyone on or near the road not in a car, I’m not sure it’s a great idea to be anything less than 100% focused when you’re on a bike, but the account does make it sound like fun if you’re not too picky about the wineries you want to visit. The full article is here.

Finally, we get to explore what, exactly, an oxidative wine is. Other than delicious. The full article is here.