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Wine Industry News for July 25, 2016

July 25th, 2016

Lightstrike: not as dangerous as lightning strikes, but dangerous nonetheless … Also, the Florida wine industry and more technology in the winemaking shed. [level-members]

Jancis Robinson talks about the effect of light – natural light, light from incandescent and fluorescent bulbs – and the damage it can do to wine. Dark glass bottles are your friend and as she points out, the problem is probably larger in retail establishments like restaurants and wine shops. Read the full article here.

Florida Wine Industry
I can’t say I’ve ever realized there even was a Florida wine industry, but apparently it’s been going great guns for a while, and continues to mature. Of course, they’re maturing with fruit-based wines that are more amenable to the high heat and humidity that is Florida’s climate. Read the full article here.

 More Technology in the Wine Shed
This article had my attention in the first sentence, which includes this little factoid:

“An American professor … is developing a miniature device for producing wine non-stop …”

OK, then!

Actually, he hasn’t invented a way to put vineyards out of business, but rather a method of testing fermentation and other winemaking processes. Read the full article here. [/level-members]