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Wine Industry News for August 22, 2016

August 22nd, 2016

Direct-to-consumer controversy in Illinois, a brief history of rosé, California’s wine industry by the numbers, and that fraud … [level-members]

Grand Cru Fraud
First the fraud. As you can read here and here, the story is pretty sordid and the media is all too happy to relate the details.

Then again, former staffers aren’t above adding their two cents, either …

California Wine By the Numbers
Did you know there are 138 viticultural areas in California? Or that 83% of wine produced in the US comes out of California? There’s more factoids and tidbits in this SFGate article.

A Brief History of Rosé
How about a brief history of rosé with a little Brangelina thrown in?

DtC in Illinois
And a relatively new installment on the controversy that won’t end, direct-to-consumer wine shipping, this time from Illinois.