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Wine Stories Worth Sharing for October 20, 2016

October 20th, 2016

What makes wine taste great? Does guzzling it help? Does it have to be the best? And how will climate change affect wine and the wine business? [level-members]

What Makes Wine Taste Great?
Let’s start with The Guardian’s take on how our perception is based on our expectations and how that affects how wine tastes to us.

Maybe a Bigger Glass Would Help
In that case, head on over to the pseudo product review at Glamour and read about the Guzzle Buddy, which will turn any bottle of wine into your own personal glass. Keeping it classy, Glamour … (And just to be sure it’s not a late April Fool’s joke, you can find the Guzzle Buddy on Amazon.

It Doesn’t Have to be the Best to Taste Great
At least, that’s Andrew¬†Jefford’s stance. In fact, he’s tired of paying the freight for “the best.” I would love to have the opportunity to grow tired of the best, but I do welcome Andrew to the non-rarefied air the rest of us breath regularly. And am glad that there’s some damn fine wine to be had at much more reasonable prices. Read the full Decanter article here.

It Doesn’t Matter Because Climate Change
According to the Vice site Munchies, it’s all about to change. How Climate Change Will Completely Transform Wine as We Know It.