The Grapevine

Make Your Wine Shop Be Different

November 23rd, 2016

Following up on yesterday’s post about breaking out of a rut, we have more direct marketing ideas related to differenting your wine shop. [level-members]

It may not be any easier for you to convince your wine shop customers to try something new than it is for me to convince you to try a new way of doing business, but it can still have its rewards.

Seek out lesser known producers and, better, less appreciated regions (here’s a good place to start), and introduce your customers to wines they probably don’t know. Worst case, you’ve helped prove to them that what you’ve been selling them is the wine they should be drinking.

Best case, you’ll have excited a passion for a varietal or a region that will reap dividends in the long term. People love feeling they’ve discovered something new. They take ownership and become champions of their new discovery in ways that make them incredible spokespeople for that discovery.

That means that even if this new wine you’re selling them is priced lower than their old standby, you still win when the folks to whom they’re raving seek out the same wine. And, if you’re really good, they seek out the same experience of discovery.