The Grapevine

Can You Create Your Own Wine Brand?

November 29th, 2016

This report from Meininger, from about a month ago, has some interesting predictions for where the wine industry is headed. Some are trends that independent wine shop owners should simply be aware of. Others are opportunities to grab a competitive advantage if not fundamentally change your business. [level-members]

Top of the list is a fascinating idea that there are simply too many brands in the world and that the consumer confusion this overabundance creates will lead to branded blends and even retailer-owned labels. 

I’m sure the high end will keep on with its current system – no rest for those who still can’t decipher German wine labels – but this makes sense at price points below $12/bottle. And it might be something worth looking into yourself sooner rather than later. 

Many more interesting assertions and potential trends worth noting and keeping an eye on. The full article is here.