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Wine Stories Worth Sharing – December 8, 2016

December 8th, 2016

Another pricey way to keep your open wine bottles fresh, another computerized way to pick what you’ll drink tonight. Sparkling reds. And reason not to put off until tomorrow the good wine you can drink today. [level-members]

Another Way to Keep That Open Bottle Fresh
I love an idea that makes it easier to make wine a part of every dinner, but for $1500, I can deal with a lot of day-old wine … still, you might want to check out and share this piece on the Plum Wine Appliance with your audience.

Computers Will Replace You
We’ve talked before about computer-driven wine selection. Here it is again. (Bonus demerits for the quote “…smart, interested people are buying whatever’s cold at the wine store …” As if none of us ever drink red wine …)

Sparkling Reds
And not just Rudolph’s nose. Apparently, sparkling reds are trending.

Drink Today for Tomorrow, We May …
From the “facing your own mortality” files, don’t drink tomorrow what you can drink today. There may not be a tomorrow.