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Wine Articles Worth Sharing: Falcons Fighting Climate Change and More

January 5th, 2017

The falcons aren’t fighting more than climate change. We’re offering up more great wine articles than just the fighting falcons. [level-members]

Let’s get right to those pugilistic birds of prey. They’re part of this New York Times piece about Jackson Family Wines and their efforts to keep making great wine despite the weather changes in their vineyards. (I’m not sure what to call these long-form, more visual articles that the New York Times does from time to time, but they are usually pretty nicely put together. This article is no exception.)  The falcons, by the way, are used to deter pests who are enjoying the milder weather and growing more abundant because of it.

Wine Enthusiast offers more ammunition in the fight against outdated food and wine pairing ideas. Very glad to see much broader pairing ideas and a complete lack of specificity. (As if that year of that exact bottle is the only wine to pair with, well, anything!) The full article is here.

Moving on to much less serious topics, we have your horoscope-based drink-pairing guide for January. (Though the chances of me drinking a shandy this month are slim and none.) Even less serious (I think) are Tim Atkins’ notes on the 2017 vintage. The whole article is worth reading, but I’ll share my favorite quote.

2017 is so terrible in Bordeaux that Wine Advocate only awarded 12 perfect scores. It’s so bad that Mouton-Rothschild announced the label art for the 2017 vintage will be “Dogs Playing Poker.”

“Dogs Playing Poker?” Talk about a collector’s item …

You can read the rest of his creative mayhem here.