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Wine Industry News for January 9, 2017

January 9th, 2017

Explosive growth in Washington, with British Columbia not slouching along itself. More sordid sides to the Premier Cru story, and predictions for what 2017 will bring, [level-members]

What Will 2017 Bring
First, from Forbes we have predictions for what 2017 will be in the wine and spirits world. Is a contraction of craft distillers in the offing? Will there be even more small-run wines available? Read the full article to find out.

Canadian Wine Industry Grows
Moving right on to … Forbes, we have a piece about the growing Canadian wine industry, specifically British Columbia. Surprisingly, given that we’re talking about Canada, temperatures in the Okanagan Valley range from roughly freezing in the winter all the way up to the 90s in summer. Hardly stereotypical Great White North mercury readings. Read the full article here.

Coravin Raises Cash
We’re a little late on this one, but Coravin has procured more funding, to the tune of $22 million dollars. That’s a lot of bottles to preserve and or dispense … Read the full article here.

More Sordid Sides to the Premier Cru Story
A weird coda to one of the weirder wine stories of the past few years. Apparently knowing people in low places can have its benefits. See those benefits here. (Well, read about ’em, anyway.)

Washington Wine Explodes
Not literallly. Washington has doubled its wine production in the last decade and is apparently poised to repeat the growth in the coming decade. (Lotsa wine. Maybe that’s why Coravin is raising so much capital?) The Seattle Times has the story.