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Wine Industry News for February 20, 2017

February 20th, 2017

The future of wine packaging, stocking (one of) the world’s biggest wine shops, the kings of per capita consumption, and wine news from Sicily and Texas. [level-members]

Do You Have That in a Can?
The Wine Curmudgeon walks us through the future of wine packaging.

Guess Who Drinks the Most Wine?
Per capita, that is. Not really a surprise to see who’s at the top of the list, but the data is a fun read, anyway. Via The Telegraph in the UK.

How to Stock a $4 Billion Wine Shop
I guess you can’t be quite as selective in your “curation.” Read the full Forbes article here.

The Story from Sicily
It ain’t just nero d’Avola. Wine Searcher helps us dig a little deeper.

Texas Wins Big
Of course they do. Everything’s bigger in Texas.