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Food & Wine Pairing: Comfort Foods for Shoulder Season

March 3rd, 2017

As Food & Wine’s excellent “March Comfort Food” feature points out, sometimes March is betwixt and between – not spring yet, for sure, but hardly the depths of winter. What to eat? And what to pair with? [level-members]

First, I encourage you to check out the March Comfort Food article. Lots of nice recipes and ideas.

We’re going to skip their crock-pot mac ‘n cheese suggestion, since there are so many better ways to go. And fried chicken is all well and good, until you’re living with the fryer grease for days because it’s too cold to air the place out.

Instead, there’s Slow Cooker Sunday Sauce on pasta. Pick your favorite Italian red as an accompaniment.

Seafood gumbo is an excellent bridge between winter and spring. And a chenin blanc from the Loire as F&W suggests is a match made in heaven.

Individual chicken pot pies are pretty close to the top of the comfort food pyramid. And they allow for pretty individual wine pairings – I prefer a lighter red. A full-bodied white works wonderfully, too.

Finally, when you stuff cheese and meats inside bread, it’s tough to go wrong. Their Muffeletta Calzone sounds great, though it may be crying out for beer more than wine.

That should keep the cook in you busy for a while!