The Grapevine

Creating Interesting Tastings and Flights

April 12th, 2017

There’s no rule that says you can only sell wine as single bottles, matched cases, or whatever mixed combinations your customer chooses. You can “package” your wines in other attractive ways, as well. [level-members]

There are, of course, verticals and wines of a particular region. You can group wines of the same varietal from different regions. The choices are nearly endless.

This came to mind when I read this Decanter article on the alpha and omega of Valpolicella and the range of wine experiences it offers. You can put together a tasting that showcases that range, offering a little education on how the same grapes can wind up creating such different wines. You can also out together other tastings that highlight wines you choose to stock and that will offer your customers some insight into the vast world of wine.

You’ll prbably want to suggest a menu since most people or couples aren’t going to be eager to open, say, 4 bottles of wine by themselves, and not everyone enjoys the more “clinical” aspect of a blind tasting. Better to make it a more seamless part of their evening.

Beyond potentially introducing your customers to new wines, you’re also creating a little interest and excitement around the wine. As much as we’d like wine to be more a part of our customers’ everyday lives, we also benefit when we help them make wine a part of an enjoyable evening with friends.  [/level-members]