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Wine Industry News – May 8, 2017

May 8th, 2017

Lots of changes afoot and worth considering: What regions might become players in a post-climate change wine industry? Can East Coast wines get any respect? Can China challenge fine French wines? And more … [level-members]

Things are OK in California, at least looking in the rear-view mirror: 2016 California Wine Sales in U.S. Hit New Record: 238 Million Cases with Retail Value of $34.1 Billion

Hard to argue that climate change will be a good thing, but some will benefit, it seems.

Can China challenge Bordeaux and others in the fine wine realm?

Unfortunate news from the Yarra Valley in Australia, where Phylloxera seems to be spreading.

Sam’s Club wine is on the way. More bad news at the bottom end of the bargain market for small retailers?

Are East Coast wines now where California wines were a generation (or two) ago? Much improved but still stuck with an outdated set of consumer sentiment?