The Grapevine

Getting Found Online – Local Search and Your Website

May 17th, 2017

For those of you who aren’t taking advantage of our web platform, a few recommendations for getting the most out of your website and getting found by local wine shop customers. [level-members]

First, you’ll want to think of your website as the hub of your marketing. Yes, social media has the potential to reach more people, but once you’ve reached them, you have to turn them into customers. That’s typically a multi-step process, and is usually gong to happen best if you an deeper the relationship beyond, say, 140 characters …

So, be active on social media, but drive traffic to your website by having great content there – info on sales and promotions, of course, but more importantly, things like tasting notes, pairing ideas, informative articles and fun wine-related facts.

Be sure that every page of your website makes it easy to contact you. Often that’s the thing site visitors want most – to pick up the phone and see if you have in stock what they want.

On the same note, don’t make them call to find out when you’re open. Your hours should be on every page of your site, too.

Video content performs really well, so you might consider getting in front of the camera and having some fun with wine reviews, tasting notes, or even a tour of the local farmers market.

Be sure to claim your business on Google Places. (Need help? Give us a call.)

Don’t ignore the ratings and review sites. And don’t overdo it. Address, respectfully, any complaints, and thank any particularly effusive positive reviews. Be engaged and people always respond well.

Most importantly, back up all of your online efforts with a great customer experience at each and every contact point. Whether in the shop, on the phone, via email or text, every touch point has to be a really great experience. Because as unfair as it is, if there’s one sub-standard touch point, that’s the one that’s going to be remembered.