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Wine Stories Worth Sharing – July 20, 2017

July 20th, 2017

A different kind of wine-rating scale, purpose-built for Champagne. Rebottling Champagne – with an “eww” factor. Lip balms, fake wines, and everything you wanted to know about making wine. [level-members]

Let’s start with everything you want to know. In this case, it’s the Unified Wine and Grape Symposium that can teach you all you’ve been itching to learn about … making wine. Plenty of time to plan your trip – the Symposium is next held January 2018.

On to the bubbly section of our report, which runs the gamut from at least E (eww) to F (funny).

In the “eww” department, we have this report of a flight attendant returning Champagne back to the bottle – from a passenger’s glass …

In the funny department, there’s this 100-point score for “sprayability” from this pair of DJs. I’d like to learn more about their Champagne and bananas diet. Sounds like a guaranteed trip to the ER.

That fake wine is a huge business is no surprise, though it’s still sad there there exist wine authentication classes.

Finally, for your friends who have everything, French-wine-inspired lip balms.