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Wine Industry News for July 24, 2017

July 24th, 2017

Beaujolais can’t catch a break – except for the fabulousness that is Cru. American whiskey fans may be crying in their booze before too long. Mining the past to save the future of wine. And an introduction to sustainable wines. [level-members]

As if hail (again!) isn’t enough, Beaujolais get a tornado, too? Well, a “mini-tornado,” anyway.

No surprise, this, after reading that last article, but wine output in France may fall to record lows for 2017.

The news isn’t all bad: Beajolais Cru is, I would agree, single-handedly ressurecting a long- (and deservedly-) maligned region.

More on the possible ramifications of the current American administration’s policies re: whiskey tariffs and the like.

And since that administration doesn’t seem to think climate change is all that big a deal, we have a Spanish winery mining the past to save the future of wine.

And if you have clients asking about sustainable wines, you may want to bone up a bit. Here’s a primer.