The Grapevine

Is The Sky Falling Because Young People Don’t Like Wine

February 21st, 2018

‘Twas ever thus. And the sky still hasn’t fallen. So stop worrying about the younger generation. [level-members]

I’ve always wondered at the approach luxury car makers seem to have taken in creating ever cheaper “entry level” models to lure younger buyers and make them “Mercedes drivers for life,” or whatever the nameplate might be.

As wine purveyors, we don’t have that problem – minors can’t drink and those in their twenties mostly have agendas for their consumption that wine can’t easily meet.

Still, it seems each generation there is hand wringing about the looming crisis because the next generation is wine averse. And every generation grows up and discovers wine. Or tires of beer.

So don’t write off the Millennials or any other generation. Get to know them and prepare to meet them on their terms. Chances are, they’re going to be willing to meet you halfway, if not more. [/level-members]