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Wine Shop Marketing: Expanding Palates

February 28th, 2018

If you’re looking for an interesting way to market to less experienced wine consumers or even wine consumers with a bit more knowledge, encouraging them to expand their palates can be an excellent approach. {level-members]

This recent article in the Star Tribune out of Minneapolis points out how an exploration of various wine regions can be a palate- and horizon-expanding expanding exercise that leads to new wine loves and greater appreciation for long-time favorites.

You can create a weekly tasting over the course of a month or, better still, a longer period, like 12 weeks, that highlights various regions around the world, various wine styles, and so on. You’ll want to consider your audience’s preferences, of course, as well as the kinds of wines you prefer to stock, but you should still have plenty of room to create an interesting series of tasting.

Even better is setting up a club with the same idea. Offer your standard case or bulk discount, but dole the wines out either one at a time or in pairs to encourage side-by-side tastings. Yes, some will balk at the inconvenience of this arrangement, but others will enjoy the novelty of it. And it’s really only for a short period.

Starting now, while we’re still in winter in the northeast but heading for spring over the coming weeks can be an excellent time to highlight a range of wines that will fit what people are likely to be cooking anyway.

Above all: make it fun!