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Wine Industry News for March 12, 2018

March 12th, 2018

Trump’s tariff, selling on Sunday, sparkling wine news from overseas, Coke’s new alcohol play in Japan, and more. [level-members]

The law of unintended consequences: Trump tariff plan may affect Jack Daniel’s.

What do Sunday alcohol sales mean in reality? They are now legal in all fifty states.

Coca Cola, perhaps seeing the writing on the wall regarding a waning appetite for sugary drinks in key markets, is testing alcoholic beverages. You can read about their plans to roll the new product out in their Japanese market here and here. 

More news from overseas that could trickle back home: Crémant sales rising as Prosecco paves the way for non-Champagne sparklers. 

The environmental movement is hard to argue against if you’re in agriculture – clean air and water are kind of “must-haves.” But too much regulation doesn’t make things easy. A new book lays out the argument that’s brewing in California’s Napa region.  [/level-members]