The Grapevine

Blockchain and the World of Wine

April 17th, 2018

It’s not just silicon valley that is gaga over blockchain and, especially, the cryptocurrencies which are based on it. Now the wine world is getting into the act. [level-members]

Chai Wine Consulting is using the technology to help squash counterfeiters. As a tech-geeky wine lover, I find the idea incredibly compelling, though I’m still quite skeptical about the handoff between the virtual world of public ledgers and the real world of physical products. Seems to me that there’s still plenty of room for fraud; you’re simply changing the point of easiest entry, and perhaps decreasing that ease slightly.

Still, I do seem to be in the minority on that point. As a small business owner, I would suggest you stay on top of trends in this area. The article above is an excellent place to get started.