The Grapevine

Comparison Marketing

March 27th, 2013

As an independent shop, you can’t compete on price and you can’t compete on selection. The internet and the superstores will beat you every time. A great way to turn that problem into an opportunity is to embrace it. [level-members]

No, I don’t mean advertising that you’re running a special on Yellow Tail: “$2 MORE than you’ll pay at the superstore!” That’s obviously a loser. (Even if you change it to “Only $2 MORE …”)

Instead, create a “comparison shopping” section of wines to compete against the Yellow Tails and other mass-retail wines of the world. Display bottles of the most frequently requested mass-market wines paired with better tasting, more food-friendly, more interesting wines under a banner shouting, “If you like that … you’ll LOVE this.”

This can work on its own, but it’s even more powerful if you back it up with some passion. Help lead them to the right conclusion; tell them why your suggestion is more interesting, what foods it pairs best with, and how it works as a cocktail wine. [/level-members]