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Content Marketing for Wine Shops

June 19th, 2013

Think content marketing is too newfangled and hip for you? Something just for companies trying to attract the young, “in” crowd?

You’re wrong. [level-members]

John Deere, the tractor company, had a magazine called The Furrow that it sent to farmers for free back in the 1800s. And university researchers are studying the viral memes of the 1800s via the newspaper stories of the day. This isn’t an idea created by a millionaire teenager with bad facial hair and a dirty t-shirt.

As the linked articles says, even way back then, when you might expect more long-form content, the materials that caught on most virulently were rarely “complex philosophical treatises” and more commonly things like a “short little pithy story that taught you a lesson.”

Same as it ever was … content that works is snappy, easily digestible, and easily related to friends and colleagues.

So set aside the idea that you have to produce some magnum opus every day. Creating content can be simple and easy. In fact, that is what you should be focused on (along with your audience’s interests and your marketing goals, of course) when you think about ways to market your shop. [/level-members]