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What They’re Reading – How To Drink Wine Without Opening the Bottle

August 1st, 2013

Here are two ways to drink wine without opening the bottle. One is super high tech, the other is likely to get you punched in the neck. [level-members]

This gizmo, the Coravin Wine Access System 1000, let’s you “open” your wine without pulling the cork. A thin tube punctures the cork (and the capsule from the look of the images), and inserts some argon gas to keep those nasty oxygen molecules away from your wine. The gas also creates enough pressure to push the wine up the tube and out into your glass.

The whole idea reminds me of the quote – and damn if Google isn’t letting me down in trying to find out who said – about “If you’re going to open a bottle of wine, at least have the grace to throw away the cork.” Gold star to anyone who knows the quote’s author.

So that’s method one for having your drink and leaving your bottle closed. I’d have to say it’s for clients with more money than sense. Or maybe (more charitably) more money than time. Or maybe (even more charitably) those who live alone and have a taste for fine wine but not the hangover that comes with consuming an entire bottle yourself in one sitting.

I’m also reminded of that old bar trick about being able to drink out of a bottle of wine without needing a corkscrew. Anyone know how it’s done? Two gold stars for the right answer. (And no punch in the neck.)