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Crazy Retail Wine and Liquor Laws

August 20th, 2013

Did you know … beer isn’t easy to find everywhere, sangria used to be illegal, and there are laws against happiness? Well, sort of … [level-members]

Here are some oddball liquor-related laws that probably differ from those in your state.

In Pennsylvania, for example, all wine and liquor is sold in “state stores” controlled by PA itself. Nothing too odd there. But beer? No, they don’t sell that. Neither do most convenience stores, gas stations or groceries. You can by beer by the 6-pack from bars and restaurants, though. Which is illegal in many other states …

As recently as 2006, sangria was illegal in Virginia, since it ran afoul of a law against mixing wine and spirits. (Sangria frequently includes brandy as well as wine.) The law has since been changed.

And it’s not really happiness that’s illegal, but happy hour. Totally illegal in Massachusetts, legal but can’t be advertised or promoted in Oregon.

Read on for more strange industry regs, including Tuscaloosa, Alabama’s ban on providing alcohol or tobacco to animals in public parks. [/level-members]