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Getting Retail Wine Customers to Help You Help Them

August 21st, 2013

How can you get your retail wine customers to help you to better help them? Here are a few tips. [level-members]

First, get that whole pesky price question out of the way. Whether they’re high rollers or on a tight budget, knowing what price range they’re comfortable with makes your job 1,000% easier.

Second, find out where and when they’ll be pouring the wine. Is finding a pairing for a particular meal the goal? Will it be served outside at a casual picnic-style lunch? Is it for cocktails only? Again, knowing this will help you find a wine that works, even if the client doesn’t know enough to ask the right questions of you. (Which is why you should be asking the right questions of them.)

Finally, encourage your customers to bring you pictures of wines they’ve enjoyed. (We covered apps that can do this for them last week.) The only thing that beats being able to say, “if you liked that, you’ll love this” is, “yes we have that, right over here.”

What approach do you take to making sure you’re best helping both your regulars and new customers?