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More On Bridging the Online / In-Shop Marketing Divide for Wine Shops

September 25th, 2013

As a follow up to our marketing column last week on the importance of consistency between your digital and in-shop customer experience, here’s a way you might bridge the gap between the two. [level-members]

Wine Simplified is an ebook / mobile app that’s worth considering as both a reference to recommend to your customers and perhaps even as something you’d keep on-hand in the shop. People like tablets and touch-screens. Giving them a pleasant surprise like this can set your retail experience apart.

The app is a fun and interactive way for your customers to learn more about how to choose wines that are right for them, whether for cocktails or to pair with a meal.

We’ve mentioned before that most of us do – and should – rely on the personal touch to really connect with our clients. But not everyone wants to engage in conversation. An app is still novel enough that you can use it create the kind of enjoyable experience your clients crave. More and more, consumers seek out entertaining retail experiences. (Since straightforward shopping / comparison shopping is so much easier at home online.) Give them the entertainment they seek in whatever way you can.