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What They’re Reading – Fine Cooking

October 3rd, 2013

Over at Fine Cooking, we have a feature on great tailgating, brownie recipes and a better way to grill onions. [level-members]

On the tailgating front we start with a warm black bean and chipotle dip that even vegetarians will love. Steak sandwiches are a nice make-ahead if you’re trying to keep things simple once you’re in the parking lot. (Or want to focus on having fun.)

Cheesehead brats are a crowd pleaser, even if you don’t have Packers fans in your crowd.

Veggie Chili is a main course option if you’ve got non meat-eaters.

And you can finish things off with Nutella mini-cheesecakes.

There are a lot more choices in FC’s slideshow, so have a look.

You may choose to abandon the mini cheesecake idea in favor of brownies when you get to FC’s collection of brownie recipes. With nuts, without, there are a lot of choices.

Finally, there’s a nice video on a better way to grill onions.