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Retail Wine Business News: Whiskey’s Continued Growth

February 10th, 2014

Some interesting coverage from Business Insider based on Suntory’s recent purchase of Beam. [level-members]

What does the Japanese giant’s acquisition of a company whose best assets include Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark? For one, there is “a major appetite for American whiskey these days.” Exports are huge and typically American categories like bourbon and rye are on fire, both domestically and abroad.

Business Insider Whiskey Market Decline

Most importantly for us, the 30-year decline of whiskey in the American market has begun to reverse. As the charts above and below show, there’s still a long way to go, but the pace of improvement is increasing. Also, bourbon is the hands-down leader in this resurgence.

Business Insider - Whiskey's Resurgence

Business Insider - Bourbon Leads Whiskey Comeback

Sadly, flavored whiskey is growing strongly, though it’s still a small part of the overall whiskey market. And there’s growth in liquors beyond whiskey. Even cognac is up significantly.