The Grapevine

Making Your Wine Shop Marketing More Personal

November 5th, 2014

Everyone loves to be treated like a star – given the best table in a restaurant, whisked to the front of the line anywhere … Is there a way to do that with your marketing? [level-members]

There is and it’s called personalization. Your customers are clamoring for personalization. An easy example is your email marketing. Do you have just one list so everyone gets the same message every week or every month? Wouldn’t it be smarter to segment your list by interest? Sure, you could re-use some content in all versions of your email, but if you’re talking big-price-tag Bordeaux to your more value-oriented customers, you’re not just missing an opportunity to talk to them about wines they might love, you’re making them feel unloved.

It’s as if you’re not listening to them. And sure, you should encourage your customers to try new things, but those new things should be a part of your communications, not the main focus.

Similarly, your choice of channel is something your customers will take personally. Not everyone loves email. Not everyone loves Facebook. And while you don’t have to chase after every new social media channel that pops up, you should be asking your customers where they are spending their screen time. Be there. They’ll love you for making the effort.

Most importantly, you should pay attention to the ways you’re personaling and gather as much data as you can from your efforts. Honing your approach will help you improve your one-to-one, personalized marketing efforts, and improve the effectiveness of your marketing overall.