The Grapevine

Social Media 101 for Retail Wine Shops

December 3rd, 2014

Here’s a quick introduction to diving in and doing social media right for your retail wine shop. [level-members]

Social media isn’t just a great way to reach your customers where they’re already spending time. It’s a metric that search engines use to rank your website and it’s a great way to listen to what your customers really want from your business.

Even better, it couldn’t be easier to get started. A little forethought, though, will go a long way toward shortening your learning curve.

First, think about your user name. Usually it should be your business name or some variation of it rather than your personal name. You can also strengthen your brand with a clever user name that fits your shop personality. @Its5oclockSomewhere or @RipeAndJuicy, for example. If you have a high profile personally with your target audience, your own name can work, too. Many businesses use a main corporate account for some things and personal accounts of owners and employees for other kinds of posts. (Store announcements, perhaps, on the one hand, and personal recommendations on the other.)

Don’t forget to think visually. It’s easy to post copy all the time, but a good visual stands out. The extra attention is worth the effort. (Remember that it’s your audience’s attention you’re hoping to grab. Social media isn’t about selling …)

Your profile is an opportunity to strength then brand and personality you’re creating for your shop. Don’t miss out on an easy opportunity.

Ignore that fact that when you start, you may feel like you’re talking to yourself. You probably are. But if you join in to other conversations, follow like-minded people in your industry and those in allied fields (Restauranteurs, for example.) you’ll build a following in no time and soon see your posts being shared and favorited and engaged with. That’s how your network and your circle of influence grow.

Finally, practice good etiquette. Respond to inquiries public and private, be polite, share the content of others, and keep at it. It can take a while to gain traction, but once you gain that traction, your social media efforts can really pay off.