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Gifts for Wine Lovers: What Your Wine Shop Customers Are Reading

December 4th, 2014

This week, we offer up some of the gift ideas your wine shop customers may be looking for and reading about – for themselves and their wine-loving loved ones. [level-members]

Uncommon Goods has everything from wooden wine glasses to aerating decanters. My personal favorite, though, is the musical wine glasses. Quite possibly the world’s most deliciously annoying sound …

Speaking of aerators, Tribella has a very nice, if expensive, aerating pourer/drip catcher. I wonder how well it works.

If moderation and good sense aren’t your thing, there’s always the Twist decanter from France. It’s about $4,800 and looks either beautiful or like chemistry lab equipment gone wrong. A second, similar version is also available.

Wine-themed candles are another possibility. The “cork” versions are our favorites. I wonder if they’ll have screw-cap candles soon?

The handyman (or woman) in your life may like this cordless drill/corkscrew tool.

Have fun out there …