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What Your Wine Shop Customers Are Reading – Bon Appetit, Jan 2015

December 18th, 2014

The January 2015 Bon Appetit is in mailboxes now. Here’s what your wine shop customers may be talking about. [level-members]

Just in time for New Year’s resolutions, it’s the “Get Healthy in 2015” issue. They’re re-inventing breakfast, redefining dinner, and in between, finding juices and raw bars worth craving. Sounds as if perhaps you might be selling more lighter wines to accompany lighter foods. (At least until the 3rd week of January, when the pizza and pasta with red sauce cravings kick in.)

Grapefruit liqueur is given the nod as the next big thing in potables. The Mae Rose calls for gin, dry vermouth, campari and grapefruit liqueur. (Suggested: Combier Creme de Pamplemousse Rose.) Serve it with a grapefruit twist.

BA also predicts a comeback of bad 70s cocktails, thanks to rescue efforts by plugged-in bartenders. Stock up on the fixing for Long Island Iced Teas, White Russians, and Amaretto Sours.  (Or don’t …)

They also point out that a new breed of younger, hipper sommeliers are working hard to attract a younger hipper audience to wine. Might be time to talk to some of those sommeliers in your area and find out what they’re recommending so you can stock up on the more popular bottles.