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Wine Industry News – 4/20/15

April 20th, 2015

Earth Day is upon us, as are sustainable wines in Michigan and lots of wineries in New York State. [level-members]

New York State Wineries
According to the Finger Lake Times, New York State now has more than 400 wineries within its borders. Pretty remarkable considering there were only 14 wineries in the state in 1976, 54 in 1985, and 125 in 2000. More licenses are pending and the growth continues to accelerate.

Most of that growth is centered in two regions: the Finger Lakes which has about 60 wineries across two counties, and the North Fork of Long Island which has about 90.

Sustainable in Michigan
Michigan may not boast quite that many wineries, but it does boast a growing sustainable farming culture. An interesting audio interview (about 2 minutes) on Brownfield discusses the top.

Earth Day
Finally, don’t forget that Wednesday is Earth Day. What better day of year than Earth Day to promote and uncork sustainable wines from Michigan, California, and anywhere else.