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Business Mistakes to Avoid in Your Wine Shop

April 21st, 2015

It seems silly listing just a few mistakes to avoid – there are so many … Here are a few biggies: [level-members]

Sprinting Instead of Pacing Yourself
Forget getting rich tomorrow. How about staying rich for the rest of your career? And don’t forget that success is rarely a straight-line affair, no matter how steep or shallow the trajectory. There are always bumps, ups and downs.

Working with Blinders On
Yes, you do have competition and as much as you might look down your noses at them, your customers don’t. Keep tabs on them, figure out what they do well and either do it better, or carve out a different niche for yourself.

Competing on Price Only
You can’t be out of line with the market, but don’t be the shop that people who shop based only on price look to They’ll leave you as soon as someone less expensive comes along. That’s no way to build a business.

Ignoring Technology
Sure, you’re just a small Main St. retail shop, but technology can make you more efficient and profitable, and it can make your marketing more effective. Ignore it at your peril.

Thinking You Are Technology
You’re not a machine. Downtime matters, and taking the occasional break will help keep you fresh and full or creative energy.