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Connecting Digital Marketing to Your Retail Wine Shop

April 22nd, 2015

We are huge proponents of social media, email marketing, and web content as drivers of marketing for small retailers. If you’re giving them your best effort and they still seem disconnected from your actual shop and the customers who walk through the door, read on. [level-members]

This article on the Huge website does a great job of encapsulating our thoughts on the importance of great content for retail businesses. Last week talked about the importance of the retail experience in nursing a sustainable business. The article takes it one step further by helping make the connection between those content efforts and the shop itself.

Have a look at the full article. It’s not long. And we’d love to hear your thoughts on ideas behind it. Nothing sums our stance up better than, “Host events, not promotions.”

In other words, forget the selling and sales will happen naturally. You’ll also gain fans rather than customers, and fans beget more customers/.