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What Your Wine Shop Customers Are Reading – 5/7/15

May 7th, 2015

Should you be crushing your own ice? Can you become a wine expert in 30 minutes? And must you drink a giant cabernet with that big juicy steak? [level-members]

Bon Appetit for May 2015 is the travel issue. About the only notable drinks-related content is a piece on crushing your own ice. OK, then. (And there’s a bit about the drinks world in Tokyo, which has apparently raised imbibing to an “art form.” Some content from the issue is available on their website.

So, the answer to our first question is no. And you’ve probably figured out that the answer to the second is no, as well. But you can have some fun trying to become a wine expert in 30 minutes. The folks at Unmotivating (with the fantastic tagline: Let’s procrastinate together.) provide a handy-dandy flow chart for picking the right wine every time.

And last but not least, no, you don’t have to drink cabernet with that steak. You can drink anything you want. Some steakhouses are finally coming to that conclusion, as well. At least according to this New York Times article.