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Falanghina: Isn’t He One of the Beat Poets?

June 25th, 2015

An obscure reference on top of an obscure reference. (The beat poet is Lawrence Ferlinghetti.)

Falanghina is a lesser-known grape that recently got the New York Times treatment. [level-members]

The Italian grape is undergoing a rebirth in Southern Italy’s Campania region and Eric Asimov dives into details that your more sophisticated (or wine-geeky) customers will enjoy – it’s actually two distinct varietals that are frequently confused. The rest of your audience will be pleased to learn of an interesting and affordable wine to explore.

You can read more on the Times website, and it may be worth stocking a sampling this summer for customers looking to branch out to something different. The article includes tasting notes of the best of the 20 bottles the review panel sampled.