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More Summer Wine Pairings

July 10th, 2015

Sometimes specific pairings are fun to think about, and sometimes it’s more fun to think about types of food and good matches. Here are some ideas for more staples of the summer diet. [level-members]

Food & Wine’s post from a few weeks back entitled “5 Essential Summer Wine Pairings (and 15 Amazing Bottles to Try)” is a great approach to broader food & wine pairing. It’s the kind of guide that can help when your customers are coming in to buy a case of wine and want to be prepared for whatever summer – and the local farmer’s market – throws their way.

The list includes wines to pair with green salads, fresh seafood, fresh tomatoes and grilled foods. It includes specific bottle suggestions, so you may not want to share with your customers unless you stock most of the bottles listed. You should be able to find alternatives from among your regular rotation.

The full article is here.