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Wine Industry News for July 13, 2015

July 13th, 2015

Wine Industry News for July 13, 2015

There’s wine worth tasting in Nova Scotia, we have more on the never-ending debate over cork vs. screw-caps, Drizly enters yet another market, and rosé booms even bigger. [level-members]

Wine in Nova Scotia
Shocking to hear that wine might thrive in Nova Scotia’s climate. Even though the temperature is on the low side, “the right location and varietal selection with careful management is having some success.” Interesting to hear, and an interesting wine-themed destination for East Coasters looking for something different. You can read more here.

Cork and Buggy Whips
As much as I love the romance of opening a cork-sealed bottle, the corkscrew is likely to go the way of the buggy whip in short order. And rightly so as better closures are becoming more readily available. It will be interesting to see how questions of sustainability are answered and whether the new closures are as “green” as cork. Perhaps corks continue to exist for a while longer since we know how they perform over time. Wine meant for prolonged aging may still be using cork until other closures prove themselves cellar-friendly. For most wine, though, the writing seems to be on the wall. More available here.

Drizly in New Orleans
The beverage delivery service Drizly has teamed with local partners in New Orleans to serve a range of neighborhoods in the Big Easy including the French Quarter and the Garden District. Further expansion is planned and specials are in place to help get folks in the habit of using Drizly. The local partners are Brady’s Wine Warehouse and Pearl Wines.

Rosé Growth Continues
Rosés have been in the pink (yup, I said it) for some time now, but the growth continues. Even more encouraging is that the growth is stronger in younger demographics. A fair amount of wine is far more expensive than rosé’s down-market reputation from the past. We haven’t seen or heard of anything astronomical, but it’s certainly not hard to find bottles above $20. Not everyone’s idea of a fun bottle to throw into the picnic basket …