The Grapevine

The Science Behind Food & Wine Pairing

August 21st, 2015

It turns out that cavemen where smarter than we thought. OK, the concept of pairing food and wine isn’t quite that old, but it’s been around since long before scientists turned their analytical gaze on the idea. [level-members]

No pairing recommendation this week. Just some pairing science. Apparentlly, it’s all about mouthfeel. The research we came across this week is a few years old – 2012 – but it outlines the way that the astringency of many wines works with the slippery fattiness of many foods.

Even more interesting is what this means for other foods, including acid-and-oil dressings and the pickled ginger that accompanies sushi. You can read the full article here – though it’s pretty dense stuff once you get past the Summary – or download a PDF.