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Wine Industry News – 9/21/15

September 21st, 2015

Wildfires, climate change, the changing role of minorities in the wine biz, and more from the wine industry. [level-members]

First, a few notes from out west, where drought and fire season have combined to devastating effect in some areas. For the most part, the wine industry has been spared:

Vineyards, Wineries Spared From Most Wildfire Damage

On to happier news, this time about minority owners and their impact on the wine world – and perceptions.

Minority winemakers try to change industry’s stereotypes

The wine world is changing in other ways, as examined here in this take on the latest edition of the Oxford Companion to Wine.

Oxford Companion Shines a Light on the Wine World

And speaking of change, there’s always climate change …

French winemakers seek climate change-resistant grapes