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Wine Industry News – 10/5/15

October 5th, 2015

Award-winning rosés in South Africa, Idaho’s wine industry, and climate change and drought. [level-members]

Rosés now? Well yes, my young geography student … prime rosé season  may be ending here in most parts of the U.S., but south of the equator, they’re just ramping up for summer. Here’s a report on winners of a recent rosé contest in South Africa. Read the full article here.

Back up north, even further north than most people think about for wine-growing regions, we have the “small but mighty” Idaho wine industry. The area’s plantings are quite diverse, and it will be interesting to see how diverse they remain as the region hones in on the grapes best suited for the local climate. Read all about it here.

Climate-related matters are never far from mind for grape growers, same as for any agricultural business. Read here how California vineyards are coping with drought conditions, and read here about climate change in the wine world more broadly.