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Wine Lists for Your Wine Shop Customers

October 14th, 2015

An article this week in The Pour, Eric Asimov’s wine column for the New York Times brought to mind the idea of building and promoting a set of wine lists for your wine shop customers. It’s a great way to market your wines without overtly selling. (In other words, you market by providing useful information to your customers and potential customers.) [level-members]

Asimov’s column is titled, “12 Everyday Bottles for Wine Lovers” and he likens these 12 wines to the staples in a home cook’s pantry: basic foundational wines to have around for everyday drinking with everyday dinners.

He goes through his list of must-have basics and includes a few wild card choices, as well. Always a good idea to keep things interesting.

From a marketing standpoint, a list like this gives you the opportunity to market your wines in a fun and interesting way. Managed creatively, it also gives you great content for social media and email marketing work. You can update the list for each season – winter pairings are likely to be different from summer pairings – and change it from year to year.

You can also create off-shoot lists – 6 Great Summer Grilling Wines, say – to get more marketing mileage out of the concept. I would recommend against building promotions around these wines specifically as the lists can then look like they were put together primarily to flog wines you want to move.