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Junk Food & Wine Pairings

October 16th, 2015

Yes, it does get better than this. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to think about pairing fine wine with decidedly un-fine food. [level-members]

Just to be clear, since the title could mislead, we are talking about junk food, not junk wine.

We can’t resist the junk food and wine articles we come across, and this one from┬áthe Drinks Business website is no different. (Though we do hate the need to click, click, click to read the whole article.)

Bubbles and Fish & Chips is a brilliant idea we’ve never tried.

Can’t say I agree with their pizza and Barolo recommendation. Not because I think it’s a bad pairing, but because pizza is hardly junk food.

Some of the other pairings are similarly broad in their definition of ‘junk food,’ but it’s still a fun list and the pairings are interesting.

My favorite is also the most cringeworthy: gotta give ’em big points for the DRC / hot dog pairing. Whoa.