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News From the World of Wine – 11/2/15

November 2nd, 2015

Interesting news from around the wine web, including the health benefits of red wine. And wine theft a growing problem. (No evidence that the two are related …) [level-members]

Health Benefits of Wine
By now, we’ve all heard that the resveratrol in red wine makes it a “health drink.” Scientists have found a way to make one tomato produce the same quantity of resveratrol as exists in 50 bottles of red wine. I guess once those tomatoes hit the market, we’ll lose another excuse to drink. The full article is here.

On a similar note, Time provides another look at resveratrol’s health benefits and, as always, those benefits are couched in uncertain terms. Daily wine consumption may help some people, don’t start drinking regularly if you don’t drink already, drinking too much has negative effects that counteract any positives, etc. Still, it’s always nice to read good news about health benefits associated with wine, even if those health benefits are only maybe possibly somewhat related to wine for some people who fit some profile and drink only a particular amount that we can’t precisely quantify … or something like that.

Wine Theft
And as long as we’re making (possibly) tenuous connections, let’s see if we can draw a connection between the health benefits of wine and the increasing frequency of wine theft.

OK, maybe not, though wine’s steadily increasing value certainly does play into that rise in thefts being seen by collectors, restaurants and wineries.

A recent NPR piece covers the kinds of theft some in the industry are experiencing. Read or listen to the article here.

And KGW,  a Portland, OR television news department captures the unfortunate case of the winery that was robbed five times in six months!

On a retail level, there’s a thief loose among the moneyed set in the Northeast. That article also includes links to other publicized purloinings. Read about the near misses and caught-on-video thefts here.

Be careful out there! And if the stress starts to get to you, remember to keep drinking your red wine …